pup portrait

pup portrait

no mumsy, no famsy. sixteen in the middle of miamsy.

the monster high canon is so weird bc if you read their diaries you find out a whole bunch of stuff happened that no one ever mentions? like draculaura used to date jackson? and this HUGE thing where clawd and cleo used to date but like neither of them were really into it and deuce told clawd that he liked cleo so clawd was like “i’ll break up with her for you bro” and like let cleo tell everyone that she was the one to break up with him bc even tho it was pretty mutual it was embarrassing for her and he didn’t care and like. spectra made a BIG DEAL about it being a SCANDAL and that CLEO LEFT CLAWD FOR DEUCE and that was why clawdeen had such big beef with cleo. and then when people found out that spectra like actually doesnt fact check any of her shit there was a huge deal with that too and spectra comes off as like a whole different person in the diaries she seems like a gossip who doesnt care about people’s feelings and its so weird how everyone just gets along with her lmao. these dolls are fucked up

i’m writing a script for a fan comic im going to do of a ghost story and its hilarious, im basically the funniest and greatest writer ever.

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no money

no family


does anyone have that pic of that baby spell. you know the one where its like “baby baby come to me” or something like that. i need it right now please help


In 10 years, I hope we can still be drinking tea together like we are now